Telecom products tailored to your needs

When we design and build telecom products, we always have people's needs in mind, we think about how to simplify your daily life and to provide top class experience every time you use them.

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VoIP Expertise for your projects

All our ITC products are based on our robust class 4/5 'Phoenix' soft switch. Space is there to host also your bespoke projects in our fail-safe, highly redundant and performant private server cloud.

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Remote Management Services

As nowadays most of the IT infrastructure is either located in vast data centres or the cloud, remotely administerting servers and managing services has become a new standard and adopted by major industries. We offer our expertise in design and rollout, as well as practical day to day operations of your infrastructure as an out-sourced service model.

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Payment Systems Expertise

With over 16 years expertise in payment systems technology our expert advice in vision and systems architecture is well known in the industry, from telephone payment systems to actual block chain technology.

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What our partners say

"OmniVox's outstanding telecoms business solutions offer exactly what we need to complement our product portfolio."
Andrew Smith
Telecom One, London
"Cutting edge technology in a simple user interface, hosted in a versatile infrastructure is what we needed for our new customer identification project. OmniVox perfectly delivered their expertise to make our product a big success."
Rambod Khanir
Skytel, Mumbai
"Seamless and friction free day-to-day management of our cloud-based resources, as well as expert advice in systems architecture planning is what we have found at OmniVox. Thank you."
John Satcher
NGN Telecoms, South Africa

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